EVOLVER Magazine

Now in its twelfth year, and with around 50,000 people seeing every issue, [EVOLVER] is now firmly established as the first choice advertising medium for venues, galleries, arts organisations, artists and performers throughout the Wessex region.

Unlike all other local media, every issue of [EVOLVER] has a 'coffee-table life' of two months, with our listings pages repeatedly referred to by a readership that actively seeks out - or subscribes to - the magazine.

EVOLVER Sponsorship

Organisations and individuals with a long-term plan to establish and maintain a region-wide high profile should consider becoming an [EVOLVER] sponsor.

[EVOLVER] sponsors are committed to advertising in every bi-monthly issue for one year, and get:

  • Full colour advert in every issue
  • Logo on the back cover
  • Priority coverage and features in the magazine
  • Priority coverage, features and links on the website

[EVOLVER] sponsorship is offered at the following advert sizes and rates:

  • Fifth Page: £140 per issue
  • Quarter Page: £165 per issue
  • Half Page: £330 per issue

Prices include design, typesetting and layout (if required).

Please note: We can be flexible if you would like to miss one issue and have two adverts (or one twice the size) in another.

EVOLVER Feedback

Our advertisers and sponsors say...

"Our [EVOLVER] ration is snaffled up by eager punters almost as soon as it hits our shelves. It's the definitive guide to the arts in rural Wessex and advertising in it has helped us draw audiences from across the region."
Arts Centre director, Dorset

"[EVOLVER] is the one magazine we always like to have a presence in. The cost is very reasonable, it is very well respected, and the distribution reaches all the vital people and places."
Director, Workshops and Courses venue, Somerset

"We were swamped with enquiries. It shows how effective advertising in [EVOLVER] is!" Art Fair organiser, Exeter

"Advertising in [EVOLVER] always brings buyers to my exhibitions."
Artist, Somerset

"As a sponsor it is without question THE arts magazine to be associated with. Since becoming a regular advertiser we have seen a growth in visitor figures and an increase in first time visitors." Gallery curator, East Devon

"It's the region's arts noticeboard." Artist and course tutor, Dorset

And our readers say...

"I have made use of several contacts in [EVOLVER] - both in terms of visiting exhibitions and galleries, purchasing from suppliers who have advertised, and responding to opportunities."

"It's the best publication we know of to keep abreast of arts events in the region. I also like the artist profiles you do."

"I have attended lots of events advertised, and from the opportunities section I have been able to take part in events and exhibitions. It is our main source of information for opportunities and events in this area."

"It is the only magazine that makes me (in Bristol) feel part of Wessex."

"I have visited galleries and events which I would have not otherwise known about. Keep up the good work!"

"An excellent, essential publication."