EVOLVER Sponsors

EVOLVER Sponsorship

Organisations and individuals with a long-term plan to establish and maintain a region-wide high profile should consider becoming an [EVOLVER] sponsor.

[EVOLVER] sponsors are committed to advertising in every bi-monthly issue for one year, and get:

  • Full colour advert in every issue
  • Logo on the back cover
  • Priority coverage and features in the magazine
  • Priority coverage, features and links on the website

Advert Sizes and Rates

[EVOLVER] sponsorship is offered at the following advert sizes and rates:

  • Fifth Page: £125 per issue
  • Quarter Page: £150 per issue
  • Half Page: £260 per issue

Prices include design, typesetting and layout (if required).

Please note: We can be flexible if you would like to miss one issue and have two adverts (or one twice the size) in another.