Evolver Prize 2022

First Prize: Evolver Magazine 126 Front Cover + £1,000

Artists, photographers and designers are invited to submit actual cover size 2D work in any media for selection for the front cover of Evolver Magazine 126 (July and August 2022 issue) + £1,000

The judges will also select an additional 49 works for a Top 50 Exhibition at Ace Arts, Somerton (2 - 30 July 2022) and publication in Evolver Magazine 126


  • Simon Barber (Editor, Evolver)
  • Leo Davey (Winner, Evolver Prize 2020)
  • Nina Gronw-Lewis (Artistic Director, Ace Arts)
  • Dave Watts (Photographer)


  • The image size of all submitted work must measure 216 x 303 mm (the actual size of Evolver’s front cover plus an extra 3 mm all round)
  • The work should be an unframed original artwork or high quality print that can be sold at the exhibition
  • Up to 3 works may be submitted
  • A submission fee of £10 per work will be charged
  • Please also supply a stamped addressed envelope for return of artwork
  • Please send artwork, entry form and SAE for return of artwork to: Evolver Prize 2020, Evolver Media, 8 Buckland Road, Pen Mill Trading Estate, Yeovil, Somerset BA21 5EA


  • Please pay either online at payments.evolver.org.uk and make a note of your reference number when paid
  • Alternatively call 01935 808441 (Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm) and again make a note of your reference number when paid


  • Thursday 19th May 2022

Please Note

  • The judges will definitely not be looking for a particular style of work
  • The work submitted should be anything that you believe would make a great front cover

Further Information

Evolver Prize 2020 Top 50 Entries

DENMAN & GOULD - Courtyard Constellation SARAH HOUGH - Back To Normality? JAMES TURNER - Beetle 2 - Eupholus Magnificus ANNIE WARD - Where The Mist Rises Sketch 2 KATARINA ROSE - Dreamer ZARA MCQUEEN - Corona Blossom Queen GRAZYNA WIKIERSKA - Shell CLIVE BIRNIE - Self Portrait With Covid-19: Day 41 FIONA SHAW - The Flowering MARK DOYLE - Gloaming RUTH PIPER - Lockdown Spring AMANDA KNIGHT - Under Stairs KATIE GILLARD - Bath Time EMILY QUINCE - Queen PHILIP RITSON - Rapture SASHA CONSTABLE - Trafficked PHILIP RITSON - Rood RUTH WALLACE - Isolation IV LEO DAVEY - A Bubble PAUL NEWMAN - Bury The Wren TIM EDGAR - Neuron Cube REBECCA BARNARD - Aperture JANE BROSSARD - Seascape 2 ANNIE WARD - Where The Mist Rises Sketch 1 ANDREW DAVEY - The Plague Doctor ELIZABETH HAND - Back Street - Kolkata DAVID BROWNING - Swirl KATY SHEPHERD - A Moment In Time KATY SHEPHERD - Study For My ‘Inside’ Animation LOUISA CRISPIN - Flightpath LXXVI HELEN BRASHER - Towards The Shore KULBIR BHANDAL - Running PAULINE PEARCE - Balanced TONY KERINS - All Together MICHAEL HARKET - Self Portrait - Imagined TIM BOOTH - Fine Line TONI DAVEY - Uprising TONI DAVEY - Covid Sampler CHRIS DUNSEATH - Torus & Night Sky JOHN GAMMANS - Revonoc GOLDEN, ROMAIN, KADIMA - Some Of The Time We Have Cried MIKE CHISHOLM - Crow Time #17 JON ENGLAND - The Last Nail JASON PIZZEY - Starlings And Darlings REBECCA BARNARD - Moon (Eclipse) CLARE HOOPER - New Speranza CARRIE MASON - Vertical CHRIS DUNSEATH - Shadow Of A Persian Saddle Flask TIM DUKE - Infinite Loop CARRIE MASON - Spots And Stripes

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