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10 June - 28 June

Katherine has steadily built an impressive track record becoming a very sought after
Scottish colourist artist with the UK’s art scene. This year's selection of work centres
around Salisbury Plain, the Ardnamurchan Peninsular on the West Coast of Scotland,
France and Italy. Katherine’s work is in the tradition of Scottish oil painting having been
trained at Edinburgh College of Art and her use of colour and form stems from that
training. She reaps huge inspiration from living on Salisbury Plain and many of her
landscapes show the wonderful lights and lines which are due to the area being one of
the 'clear sky areas' in the country. Her paintings of Salisbury Plain are all executed 'en
plein air'; it is an area she never tires of and she finds the huge skies, changing light
and the expanse of wildlife a never-ending source of subject matter for her paintings.
Ardnamurchan Peninsular, the most westerly point of mainland Britain, is much more
susceptible to inclement weather, hence Katherine makes lots of sketches on the spot
and then works on the paintings when she is back in the studio. As a complete contrast
France and Italy offers a completely different type of landscape and working out the hot
colours and how it affects the landscape is a challenge she enjoys.”

Address: The Jerram Gallery, Half Moon Street, SHERBORNE, DT9 3LN.

Website: www.jerramgallery.com

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