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4 November - 7 December

Bristol based artist Andrew Hardwick’s studio is based on a farm where the River Severn turns into the sea, a
landscape surrounded by industry and new housing estates. Hardwick’s paintings give us a narrative of this
landscape which he recalls from childhood explorations and adult observation, communicated to the viewer
through layers of board, canvas, netting, wire and various paints supported by battens, which offer a
purposely warped structure to the work which is not confined by the rectangle format. His works protrude
and recess, creating an undulating surface with gouged out negative spaces and artefacts embedded in the
surface. Through his paintings Hardwick aims to give the viewer an experience of the landscape, to evoke
emotion and a tangible reality in its raw form. His large-scale diptychs and triptychs will draw you away from
the white space of the gallery wall and into their complex surfaces and layers.

Address: Atkinson Gallery, Millfield School, STREET, BA16 0YD

Phone: 01458 444322


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