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16 July

Seckou Keita has arguably become the most influential and inspiring kora player of his generation, an exceptional and charismatic musician and a true master of his instrument. One of the leaders of the newest generation of African traditional musicians, Seckou fuses the traditional forms and instruments of Senegal with those of other cultures. In his award-winning 2015 album 22 Strings, he explores what it means to be a modern global citizen, and yet to live with seven centuries of tradition and heritage expressed through music. He gives us the kora in its purest guise, a wondrous instrument that can soothe the bloodlust of warriors and take the human spirit to a place of deep meditation, stillness and beauty. Combined with evocative vocals, expect an unforgettable musical experience.

Address: Village Hall, MARTINSTOWN, DT2 9LF

Phone: 01305 889738


Tickets: £12

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