19 January - 7 May

On view until 7 May 2017, Hauser & Wirth Somerset presents a major solo exhibition of sculpture by the late Elisabeth Frink. The exhibition Transformation comprises a selection of Frink's distinctive bronzes produced in the 1950s and 1960s, alongside a series of drawings that highlight the artist's skill as a draughtsman. Outside in the grounds are some of Frink's most important sculptures from her later life, including the celebrated Riace Warriors.

Frink's art was directly influenced by her childhood and adolescent experiences. Growing up mainly in rural Suffolk, she enjoyed a countryside existence full of animals and birds, but set against the backdrop of war. Her father was a professional soldier who fought at Dunkirk. Frink was nine years old when the Second World War broke out. Living near an airfield, she often witnessed bombers fighting in the skies directly overhead, or returning to the base in flames. Later on in the war, while spending time in Devon, she narrowly avoided machine-gun fire from a German fighter plane. These events had a profound effect on her, as did her viewing of the first images released of the Nazi concentration camps.

The impact of these experiences influenced Frink's approach to her work and led to a life-long preoccupation with conflict, injustice and man's capacity for brutality. She had an interest in Celtic mythology, in particular how man expresses himself through myths and metaphors, notably in relation to war. Frink's range of subjects included men, animals and birds, exploring their shapes to convey tension, aggression and vulnerability.

Address: Hauser & Wirth Somerset, Durslade Farm, Dropping Lane, BRUTON, BA10 0NL


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