Evolver Prize 2024


27 June

This incredible live show creates a new era in Irish entertainment, featuring world champion dancers, a traditional Irish band, and the handsome Young Irish Tenors, an array of the most talented, gifted cast who keep audiences wowed all over the world.

Address: Octagon Theatre, Hendford, YEOVIL

Phone: 01935 422884

Website: www.octagon-theatre.co.uk

Tickets: £24 / £22.50

Evolver Prize 2023 Top 50 Entries

Alex Kennedy - Wetlands - 2 Anne Reynolds - Through The Trees Annie Musgrove - Jewel Of Somerset Barbara Simons - Obsidian Celia Brokenshire - Patience Celia Ford - Pelargoniums CF Sherratt - Bathroom Scene Clive Birnie - Surfing The Severn Bore David A Smith - Admit One Debbie Lee - Fish Face Diane Ablitt - Where There’s Light, There’s Hope Emma Abel - Taita Apalis - Warbler Fiona Hingston - Number 13 Magnum Series Geoff Shillito - And The Sky, Was It Ever So Blue? Georgina Moore - Judith Graham Palmer - Let Us Make A Name For Ourselves Grazyna Wikierska - Flying Girl (1) Helen Brasher - Shapes Henny Burnett & Martin Urmson - Mycelium House Jack Greenwood - Sabrina Makes Some Art 9 Jacqueline Booker - Hedgerow Jane Colquhoun - Started Early Jeneta Bird - Shell Bay Jenny Mellings - Les Fleurs Jenny Mellings - Waiting And Watching Jill Davies - Exmoor Wooded Combe II Laurence Rowlands - Valley Of The Rock II Leo Davey - The Watercolour Of Watercolours Lisa-Jane Megilley - I Missed You Today Lisa Takahashi - Clouds Over Buttermere Luminara Florescu - Self Care Scarf - Rest As Protest Lupe Velazquez - Indigenous Woman, Huichol Lynn Baxter - Psychogeography Malcolm Ashman - 21 Small Sculptures Maria Harryman - Reedmace On The Canal 2 Maynard Hales - Enallage Paula Youens - Flint #2 Philip Ritson - Package Y Rebecca Finch - Keep Sarah-Jane Worrall - Luctus Sarah-May Rogers - The Tangled Wood Sarah Ward  -Time After Time Shereon Knowles - Undergrowth Sian Cann - Water Bloom Toby Holmes - Instant Whip Toni Davey - Coloured Gates Trace Taylor-Carpenter - Summer Breeze Yvonne Morton - Power Cloth Zara McQueen - Studio Chairs - A Love Story (3) Zib Baines - The Coronavirus

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