Evolver Prize 2020


30 October - 9 October

Darkness runs through Beth Carter’s work as she explores death, vulnerability and human frailty. The myth of the Minotaur in
its many guises and reincarnations has been an obsession with Carter for over twenty years and it was only when her
much-loved father died, six years ago, that she realised that her ‘life-sized minotaur sculptures were all about him’.
Beth’s father, a self-taught sculptor, was a hugely complex character, a product of a difficult upbringing and a lack of formal
education. He chose wide-ranging materials, from scrap metal to marble clay. He took Beth to see classical sculpture in the V & A cast galleries and he gifted her his passion for art. She is still working through her feelings of loss using her enduring sense of shock to explore father daughter relationships, capitalising on the emotional range in her work.

Address: Beaux Arts Gallery, 12 - 13 York Street, BATH, BA1 1NG

Phone: 01225 464850

Website: www.beauxartsbath.co.uk

Evolver Prize 2019 Top 50 Entries

FIONA SHAW - City Scape 7 NOAH WARNES - Skull Series - 1 BRYAN LAVELLE - Tipping Point #1 KATHERINE TAYLOR - Human Error LYNDA RUTH BROWN - Landwork 2 Golden Cap DEBBIE LEE - Sack Race STEVEN MARSHALL - Very Them SHARON JAMES - Playa BRIAN RICE - Waculgar GINA MARSHALL - Corfe Castle CLAIRE GLADSTONE - Lino Rocks! 2 TONY MARTIN - Kinsol C REBECCA LISLE - Snow Fall on Cedars ESME LLOYD - Type #1 DAVID BROWNING - Decay of 1,000 Years YVONNE MORTON - Field MICHAEL COPSEY - Glass Head HENNY BURNETT - Carolina House TIM MOUNT - Aftermath JACOB BODILLY - Chamber ANNIE WARD - Bridge KEITH SMITH - Beneath ZOE BARKER - Horse ZOE BARKER - Wallpaper HELEN BRASHER - Coast Walk 1 RICHARD SERCOMBE - Portrait of Frank Hornby ALEX KENNEDY - The Sunday Morning Shopper RODNEY MCFALL - In Search of the Colossal Squid TIM DUKE - Mont Plastique FIONA HINGSTON - Home CHRIS DUNSEATH - Hinton Oak with Cern Plan GEOFF SHILLITO - Head on Yellow DAVID SMITH - A Few Lines of Magic for Simon MARK BROOKES - Mask VICTORIA MARDON - Sunbeams PAULINE PEARCE - Marblelous BARBARA ROLL - Relaxing Chair CLIVE BIRNIE - The Ghosts of Tiananmen Square STEPHANIE MAX - Plastic World #2 LOUISE TUNNARD - Dissolving Form PRUDENCE MALTBY - Glad Eye DAVID SMITH - Colourful Black Square 19 LUCAS WESCHKE - Man with Fish ANDREW DAVEY - Apex ZARA MCQUEEN - As The Crow Flies (detail) CLAIRE GLADSTONE - Lino Rocks! 1 DAVID BROOKE - A Flight of Fancy ANNA WEBB - The Wall KEITH ROGERS - Sound Waves REMY LLOYD - Aspirateur Extreme

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