18 May - 31 May

Still life and landscape by two distinguished artists, Ann Armitage and Elsa Taylor, will be on show in a two-man exhibition at The Jerram Gallery this May. Both artists show a different approach to the subject making for a colourful, rich and varied experience.
Ann Armitage moved from London down to Cornwall near Land’s End 10 years ago and took up painting full-time. The visual and tactile act of painting is in direct response to her environment and she spends a lot of time simply arranging a still life. Lately, she has introduced more colour into her work and is now making more of an impression of the flower rather than being botanically correct.
She never uses paint ‘straight from the tube’. The paint is applied with palette knives and cloth in layers which is later scratched into to reveal glimpses of the under colour. As well as floral, her still life works include fruit, lemons and figs.
Elsa Taylor’s studio is in an old smithy on the side of the Cotswolds. Elsa's landscapes are fairly abstract although retaining a figurative approach, working initially from nature the image evolves as she completes the painting in her studio. Colour is very important and she spends a long time mixing the palette so all the colours are in harmony. The image has to be something that moves her in the beginning, maybe how the light falls on a single flower or maybe a building, such as a barn, appears on the landscape, resulting in something a little more mysterious.

Address: The Jerram Gallery, Half Moon Street, SHERBORNE, DT9 3LN.


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